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Emil Theodore Ullrich Dankert and Ida Wilhamina M Quandt families:

  • Arthur Emil Friedrich Dankert and Alice Agnes Hamann
  • Herbert Albert John Dankert and Anna Sophie Nietfeld
  • Clara Lizette Marguerite Dankert and Herman Ferdinand Heider
  • Rosa Alvina Margaretha Dankert and Fred Ottemoeller
  • Frieda M Dankert and Alfred W Nietfeld
  • Armin William Dankert and Lillian Schobring
  • Albert August Herman Dankert and Clara Caroline Luebke
  • Richard Paul Otto Dankert and Martha Emma Heitmann
  • Minnie Ella Ida Dankert and Edward Wegener
  • Martin Hugo Ernst Dankert and Lenora Anna Louise Knefelkamp
  • Irma Emma Matilda Dankert and Howard Stanley Marin
  • Alma Lena Ida Dankert and Lloyd Kenneth Bowers
  • Ernest Franz Ferdinand Dankert and Lois A Dirks

Herbert Albert John Dankert and Anna Sophie Nietfeld families:

  • Alfred Herbert Dankert and Eleanor Fleischacker
  • Mildred Sophie Dankert and Erich W Niermeier
  • Florence Helen Dankert and Harold Kanter
  • Lorraine Wilma Dankert and Matthias J Fleischacker
  • Wilma Ruth Dankert and Paul JF Uden
  • Melvin Martin Dankert and Loris Fechtner
  • Elton Otis Dankert and Jeannie Schroeder

Dankert families:

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